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Why we started the Whole 30…

Our day to day consisted of little to no real energy and living off of energy drinks. All while dealing with skin blemishes, dry skin, belly bloat, achy joints, daily naps, no motivation… the list goes on and on.

We’re not old, but gosh darn it, we were feeling like it.

Before we started the first round of our Whole 30 my husband and I would talk about what we needed to change, how we could do it, what small changes would impact us the most (and be easy), on and on until we were blue in the face. (Y’all, we have some amazingly brilliant ideas! We are geniuses I tell ya!?) That’s all they were though… ideas.

We would make small changes here and there when ordering at a restaurant, but we’d still go out to dinner every night knowing the food quality was poor. We were not eating veggies unless you can count my husband swiping a couple of pieces of broccoli from my skillet at the sushi place eating veggies. Does guac count?! Those energy drinks that are “zero sugar” is how we survived the workday – one drink for him and usually two for me. They aren’t that bad for you, right? …with their 0g of everything on the nutrition label. (I know, I know… it was bad) If I drank coffee it was a little bit of coffee with cream and sugar cause EWE! black coffee is disgusting. If for some crazy reason we decided we would cook something at the house, we would go to the store and pick up the foods that read “less sodium” or “low carb” or “healthy” on the label …because the food companies wouldn’t lie to us, right?! We carried on with what we thought were positive little changes.

Little did we know…

The first time I had ever heard about the Whole 30 program was a few months ago from a friend at work. (it wasn’t just a random “I just finished my first round of the Whole 30” comment drop) A couple of years ago her and I got on the topic of my Weight Watchers journey and my success with that program. Soon after our talk, she started her own Weight Watchers journey. Then, “life” happened – I got married and we went on a honeymoon where we could eat all the delicious food we could stand. WW went out of the window and the bad eating habits came back in full force. Somewhere along the way she quit her WW journey as well.

I don’t know how she heard about the Whole30, but I am so grateful she did!

After we catch up she tells me that she has done one round of the Whole 30. She tells me a little about the program and her AMAZING results! (We’ll talk more specifically about the program in another post)

Curiosity consumed me!

My curiosity very quickly led to me buying the book It Starts with Food. After just a couple of pages, I was hooked! I was hungry for information! 😉 I wanted to read everything I could about nutrition and this program! I also wanted to see if the program could give us the same non-scale victories as some of the people described in their testimonials. Of course, some victories on the scale would be nice too. 😉 Some of what we wanted to achieve:

  • to feel better and have more energy
  • better looking skin
  • a jumpstart to our metabolism, more of a restart, from the poor food choices over the last several years
  • to lose a few inches and a few pounds
  • a flatter stomach and no more uncomfortable belly bloat
  • less achy joints
  • to see if eating clean for 30 days would alleviate or lessen my debilitating menstrual cramps
  • to see if eliminating some of the inflammatory foods would help improve my newfound allergies
  • saving money

I felt we could get a lot of benefits from cleaning up our diet.

After a lot of reading and a lot of research, I pitched the Whole30 program to my husband (who had been mentioning over the last few months about losing some weight). This was going to be quite the lifestyle change that we both desperately needed. This would be the lifestyle change that both of us had to be on board with. He said he’d be up for the challenge. His reasons – to support me (and my very eager, excited self) and to help us save some moolah! (Going out to eat for dinner 7 nights a week was killing us – our bodies and our wallets)

YAY!!! I couldn’t wait to get started!

…commence lifestyle changing preparations!

(I’ll post soon about how I prepped for our Whole 30! 😉 Stay tuned!)


I hope you all have a very blessed week!



2 thoughts on “Why we started the Whole 30…”

  1. Waiting to hear more! The interesting thing Lauren, I never saw you as someone who had to watch your weight, I do love that you discovered the low sodium, non-gmo, 0 fat marketing trick and have simply made other peeps aware! ~Sherry


    1. I’m loving this journey! It’s not necessarily about watching my weight. My focus is more on making healthier eating habits. I have read more ingredient labels in the last 30 days than ever before and learned so much more than I could have imagined. There will be more on that soon 😉


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